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Emily Takes Home Bronze!

Congratulations to Dragon’s Den member Emily Walker for her successful showing at the 2015 Western Canadian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships. She took home bronze at her first No-Gi Jiu Jitsu...

A Special Thanks To All Of You

It is hard to believe that 25 years of teaching, training and learning has gone by in the blink of an eye. When the Den was a new martial art, self defense and training facility the sounds of pads being hit, kicks and

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Dragon's Den Elite MMA and Fitness updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dragon's Den Elite MMA and Fitness updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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At the Western Canadian Muay Thai Men's under 173.8 lb 'open class'...
Michael's solid first time performance included,

- an offensive defense with basic combinations and circular entries instead of forward linear attacks
- simple combinations with dutch style striking methods
- a very heavy right leg with decisive round kicks
- an aggressive forward momentum with unpredictable attacks
- maintaining a high energy 'third round' pace
- Our 'patented' right hand gambit

These strategies over two matches resulted in,

Match One

- superior jab set up and follow up
- nullified opponent teeps and follow ups
- tempering the opponents aggression with strategic shot placement
- a standing time count stoppage due to an onslaught of round kicks
- a victorious unanimous decision

Match Two

- overcoming an unintended groin shot early in the match
- setting up with straights and rights
- close range exchanges to neutralize opponents similar kicking methods and lack of striking defense
- linear step backs to increase range defense
- good hand placement to avoid head shots
- a perfectly timed right hand that results in a technical knockout

Congratulations on a performance that ranks among the best of our competition team highlights. Prosequi Victoriam.
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Thanks to Ritz Cinema Video Production and photographer Joshua Regan for this creative lesson on why you need to keep your hands up...just check out the spectator seated on the right on his reaction. When all the crowd has left the few that witnessed the event definitely were talking.
A special thank you to all of our members that assisted in giving Micheal Buckthorp the skills necessary for a successful showing in his competitive muay thai debut. Prosequi Victoriam.
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The validity of a hard work ethic which involves everyone at the Den results in personal successes for every individual no matter the level of their contributions. Congratulations to Michael Buckthorp on an outstanding and dominating performance at the 2016 Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships. Thanks to members Emily Walker and Christopher Siemens for their support and video assistance. Stay tuned for some jaw dropping video highlights of his award winning performance. These are not to be missed. Stay tuned... ... See MoreSee Less

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Boxing is great for developing a strong core, great cardio, strong legs, and good overall muscle co-ordination. Many students come to develop their striking abilities for self-defense, yet others are more interested in the fitness and weight loss benefits that ‘the sweet science’ has to offer.

Muay Thai - Kickboxing

Easy to learn for beginners, Muay Thai Kickboxing is a total body and cardio workout that develops kicks, punches, knees, and elbows into an efficient striking system. It is the ultimate style to develop self-defence skills and confidence, while also inducing healthy weight loss and fitness.

NO-Gi Jiu Jitsu

A complete self-defense system and fitness program, No Gi Jiu Jitsu is a combat sport, martial art, and self-defense system that focuses on ground fighting. The objective is to neutralize and control a much larger opponent with leverage and technique, rather than strength.

Ultimate Membership

As an Ultimate Member, you are able to take advantage of Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, NOGI Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and CAGEFit classes. If you are serious about getting in shape this year or making a huge difference in your life, then this is the #1 option for you.

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