DEMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program

Dragon’s Den Elite has been instructing jiu jitsu methods since the mid 1990’s largely under the sport jiu jitsu and nogi (mma) strategies. With the many successes of our jiu jitsu method for self defense and sport related training we continue to evolve our ground work with DEMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as the standard for our facility. DEMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are offered for children, teens and adults wishing to use this as their primary self defense or sporting option or as part of our complete system with the inclusion of our other programs. New members are always welcome to become part of our team. When you train with DEMA Jiu Jitsu the following benefits are immediate, – increased focus towards your training – confidence as you refine and improve techniques – personalized training during our group sessions Regardless of age or athletic ability, we will take you from no knowledge to being defensively ready in a very short time. The key is continuous learning, practice (technique) and perfection (skill). With close to twenty five years of instructional experience in the ways of ground application, we will optimize your learning through the levels at your pace and on your time committal. Whether your searching for fitness, self defense or a competitive outlet DEMA Jiu Jitsu is the answer for...

A Special Thanks To All Of You

It is hard to believe that 25 years of teaching, training and learning has gone by in the blink of an eye. When the Den was a new martial art, self defense and training facility the sounds of pads being hit, kicks and

Dan earns his second degree black belt

A special event today for long time member Dan Hare. A long and rewarding journey during the past few years has culminated in Dan receiving his second degree black belt status. Starting his formal training in 2004 dan has spent a decade learning multi-range applications for street defense and sport combatives. His status is well deserved and the Den looks forward to Dan obtaining his third degree. A special thanks to black belt candidates Terry Williams, Josh Wright and Josh Wolsey for assisting Dan. Dan, congratulations cuz you done us proud! –...

Fundraising Events for Josh Wright

Fundraising plans in full swing to send Josh Wright and his coaching staff to the WBC Canadian Amateur Boxing Championship in Toronto this October. Mark your calendars, Tupperware and Bake Sale on Friday June 13th and Pub Night at Rusty’ s on Friday July 11th. More details to come over the weekend. Please share to your page as we need these events to be a...

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2019 Canadian Boxing National Championships - Day 2

More action thus afternoon and yet another full card for this evening. DEMA head coach S.P.Lapre will be at the provincial team session this afternoon assisting with provincial coaching duties. To see more about this evenings card go to our official facebook boxing page at Ocean City Boxing. Please like the page and support White Rock South Surrey’s best boxing program.
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2019 Canadian Boxing National Championships - Day 1

Opening Day Ceremonies with the provincial flag introductions...BC as the host province came in first to a huge thunderous applause. Great atmosphere and sport combative comaraderie amongst all boxers from every province. Canada Strong for sure. To see more content for the national boxing championships go to our official boxing page at Ocean City Boxing. Like the page and win a chance at a free months worth of lessons. Contest is open to new members only and certain restrictions apply. Contest closed this saturday on the last day of the championships.
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2019 Canadian National Boxing Championships - Day 1

Only a select few boxing clubs from around the country compete every year to reach the ultimate in national amateur boxing. DEMA is proud to be part of that contingent for a second year in a row with our very own Emily Walker defending her national title.
The venue this year is in our own backyard as Bear Mountain Resort is the host for this years event. A first class hotel, picturesque backdrop and the actual locale in the ‘thunderdome’. DEMA is honoured to be part of such a fantastic experience. To see more of the SuperChannel Canadian Boxing Championships check out and like our sister page (and official boxing program) at Ocean City Boxing. This is the DEMA official page for all things boxing through our DEMA program.
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DEMA members recieve complete training methods that encompass all five ranges of civilian based urban defense combatives. We are duly recognized by Doce Pares Eskrima of Cebu City, The Phillipines and Grandmaster Dionisio A. Caneté, as an official Canadian affiliate in the instruction of filipino based empty handed and weapons based urban combatives. Classes forming now, so inquire and register today! ... See MoreSee Less

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Take your ‘empty hands’ to the next level. If you want to complete your self defense arsenal then don’t miss out on learning the current applications as they apply to urban combatives.”WAR Strategies” without an understanding of fifth range elements will quite literally leave you defenseless. Let us increase your overall skill and proficiency with simple, proven and workable strategies that compliment your existing foundation. All styles and systems welcome and NO experience is necessary! ... See MoreSee Less

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