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It is hard to believe that 25 years of teaching, training and learning has gone by in the blink of an eye. When the Den was a new martial art, self defense and training facility the sounds of pads being hit, kicks and

Dan earns his second degree black belt

A special event today for long time member Dan Hare. A long and rewarding journey during the past few years has culminated in Dan receiving his second degree black belt status. Starting his formal training in 2004 dan has spent a decade learning multi-range applications for street defense and sport combatives. His status is well deserved and the Den looks forward to Dan obtaining his third degree. A special thanks to black belt candidates Terry Williams, Josh Wright and Josh Wolsey for assisting Dan. Dan, congratulations cuz you done us proud! –...

Fundraising Events for Josh Wright

Fundraising plans in full swing to send Josh Wright and his coaching staff to the WBC Canadian Amateur Boxing Championship in Toronto this October. Mark your calendars, Tupperware and Bake Sale on Friday June 13th and Pub Night at Rusty’ s on Friday July 11th. More details to come over the weekend. Please share to your page as we need these events to be a...

Facebook Posts

So far this boxing season (with our sister program Ocean City Boxing) we have managed to have more successes then failures. The continued growth of our recreational program, certification of an additional six coaches, the successful debuts for some of our boxers in the competitive arena, the crowning of two provincial champions and one of our very own making the provincial team for the 2018 Boxing Canada National Championships...it’s a testament to our members and their dedication to the program. Please share this post with your FB friends to show your pride in being a part of yet another successful season... ... See MoreSee Less

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From the Boxing BC Facebook page about their provincial team members going to the 2018 Superchannel Canadian Boxing Championships at the end of this month, our very own Emily Walker! Congrats Em on yet another achievement in your competitive career.

Emily Walker hails from White Rock, British Columbia. A full time high school student Emily’s driven nature made her recieve a black belt in taekwon-do at the young age of only 10. Passionate about combative sport the move to boxing was a natural fit. With encouragement and support from her parents, Emily has spent the past few years training exclusively at Ocean City Boxing under the tutelage of her boxing coach and mentor Stephen Lapre. Emily is bilingual, outgoing and in her free time tends to spend quality time with her many supportive friends and family. She loves travel, animals and especially new challenges.
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Master S.P. Lapre and DEMA Black Belt Inst. Jay Jenkins are proud to congratulate new promotions to DEMA BJJ members Syzo Kunicki and Brian Robertson. Their jiu jitsu game is improving daily and soon Syzo and a few of our other DEMA BJJ team plan on showcasing their skills on the competition mats very soon...We all start from humble beginnings but that is where our comparison ends.

If you want to be part of the best brazilian jiu jitsu program that caters to children, teens and adults then call us today at 604.536.3478. You may also like our page and we will message you directly. Here’s to your success and we’ll see you on the mats!

Prosequi Victoriam.
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